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Westlake Village is the most welcoming, quaint community I know.  I love our "Village", and if elected, will do everything possible to make sure that criminal elements from our North & South do not creep in.  We live in tumultuous times now; the safety of our community must come first.  #WestlakeVillageSafetyFirst


Westlake Village City Council  "MUST" speak up and represent the will of its constituents (Consent of the Governed).  We are part of Los Angeles County, governed by its regulations and laws.  This doesn't mean that we walk lock-step silently in agreement when there are issues and situations that could negatively affect our City.  If elected, I will loudly be your voice at City Hall. #WestlakeVillageValues


The 5.2 miles of 2 lane road that circles the Lake can be very dangerous.  Cars driving recklessly, speeding excessively can and will cause death(s).  Lindero Canyon, Triunfo, and Agoura Roads at times resemble a racetrack.  Putting up more flashing lights at crosswalks after major incidents is not the only solution.  If elected, I will fight to reduce the speed limits, call for greater police enforcement, enhanced penalties for violators. #WestlakeVillageSlowDown


Westlake Village has an annual operating budget in excess of $20 million, thanks to our great local entrepreneurs and business owners.  For a business owner to get a permit to operate, to add-on, to build, for any purpose, it must go through the county of Los Angeles, as far as Lawndale, San Gabriel and Los Angeles.  If elected, I will work to streamline the process to operate a business in our city by creating a "Concierge Permitting Service" out of City Hall. #WestlakeVillageBusinessFirst


We have some of the most beautiful public parks for families to enjoy here in Westlake Village.  Our parks have wonderful ball fields and amenities for our children and adults to enjoy for practice and competitive league play.  A big problem for some residents of Westlake Village LA County, is that many local sports clubs domiciled here in LA County cannot get time on these fields!  Look at the reservation Calendar for Westlake Village Community Park Fields 1-3 & 4-6, all the sports fields are booked completely.  The majority of participants/clubs don't reside in Westlake Village LA County.  If you elect me, Westlake Village residents will have 1st priority reservation rights for the sports fields @ our community parks.  #WestlakeVillageParksFirst


California is in the the middle of a drought, and living in LA County we are restricted to watering our beautiful lawns and gardens just one day per week.  Driving through once beautiful Westlake Village neighborhoods, their homes landscapes are brown, and dying.  If elected, I'd like to present a beautification plan for homeowners who want to put in drought resistant plants with color, installation of artificial turf, rock gardens etc. Just as solar installation is subsidized, grants offered, discounted, and financing provided, we should be able to offer the same opportunities for homeowners in Westlake Village.  #MakeWestlakeVillageGreenAgain


As of 2021, nearly a third of California's restaurants permanently closed and two-thirds of workers at least temporarily lost their jobs do to mandatory lock-downs from government in Sacramento.  Local restaurant owners that endured and survived the shutdowns should be incentivized moving forward.  If elected, I will fight to allow restaurant owners to be able to extend their outdoor seating permits indefinitely to recoup lost revenues. #WestlakeVillageRestaurantsStrong

Friends of Marc Bakerman for WLV City Council 
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