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Marc Bakerman will make an excellent city council member. I've known him for 35 years. He's a successful entrepreneur/ businessman, loving family man, loyal friend, honest and knows the meaning of commitment. His word is his bond and he stays the course to finish the job. Marc has my full endorsement for the Westlake City council. - Dr. David Biedebach, Conejo Chiropractic Relief Center — Dr David Biedebach
Steady Focused Leader - Marc Bakerman

As a managing real estate broker and event coordinator of charitable events in the Conejo Valley since 1998, I’ve had the privilege of both knowing and working with Marc Bakerman for many years.  There are only a few individuals whom I’ve met, that possess the strength, fortitude, and relentless pursuit of a goal once he has it in his sights, especially when it involves helping others.  This is a leader the Conejo Valley needs.   - Darrell Bradbrook, R.E. Broker / Event Coordinator — Darrell Bradbrook
Marc Bakerman for WLV City Council!

I don’t know who couldn’t like Marc. There are just certain people that have that special something and he is one of those people. His attitude, his charisma, his integrity and total outlook on life, family, community and others is super positive. My daughters know his sons and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting 2 out of the 3 of their boys. Such nice young men that emulate what good parents they have. Marc would do anything for anyone, and I know he wants to help with our community! We would be so lucky to have him represent our beautiful city! Carol Coleman - Case Concierge, Backnine9 Insurance — Carol Coleman
Case Concierge, Backnine9 Insurance, Westlake Village

“The Westlake Village Properties, including The Stonehaus, Westlake Village Inn, Mediterranio, Bogies, Relais Spa proudly endorse Marc Bakerman for City Council of Westlake Village. Community gathering places provide a source of support and socialization for people of all faiths.  It wasn’t until the lockdowns and the almost overnight cancellation of social gatherings and business closures, that its full importance to individuals and communities was realized. We’ve had the privilege of knowing Marc for many years. He understands that a healthy community, requires a healthy and vibrant business climate.   Marc is also loyal, trustworthy, well respected, kind, and a caring person. Marc will be a voice for policy that positively affects businesses and the economy, as well as people of Westlake Village. “ Chris Cuilty - CFO/COO Westlake Village Inn 

— Chris Cuilty
CFO/COO Westlake Village Inn

I wanted to send a letter of support and recommendation regarding your candidacy in the upcoming election. I am proud to say that FPK Security and all 160 of our employees, endorse you in your quest for the position of Councilman of Westlake Village. Your commitment to the community and the strong moral character that you possess as a person is valued by myself and the people that work with me side by side. I have had the pleasure of knowing you and your beautiful family for years now, and it is nothing but an honor endorsing you. Again Marc, we wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors and you have the fullest of support from me and all of my employees. Best, Steve Flamm - FPK Security & Investigations President

— Steve Flamm
FPK Security & Investigations - President

We have known the Bakerman family for over 10 years. The Bakerman family is a testament of Marc and Karen's dedication to traditional family values. Our kids went to school together and we got see firsthand, Marc’s commitment to his kids. You can see Marc’s honesty and thoughtfulness reflected in his 3 wonderful boys. Marc is charismatic and driven. We think all these qualities make him an excellent City Council member. We need leadership that is tuned in to our families, our values and our challenges. Marc is pro-business and pro community. It is a fine line to walk but critical to find the balance between growth and regulation. Marc’s support of a Concierge Permitting Service is long overdue. It is ridiculous how much time and resources are wasted in waiting for the City to approve plans and grant permits. Lost resources hurt us all, this problem needs to get fixed, and Marc is the one to do it. How is it possible that our current leadership lacks the vision and determination to improve our environment? Droughts and fires are annual threats to our community. Marc wants to begin the conversation on this issue by supporting homeowners that want to lower their use of water without compromising esthetics and costing thousands of dollars to homeowners. Our family supports Marc’s goals of increasing the safety of driving around the lake before another tragedy takes place and increasing access of the WLV community to City Parks for our kids and families. For all these reasons, we endorse Marc and his family for City Council. Juan Carlos Gonzalez - Attorney — Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Marc has been an outstanding neighbor and friend for many years. He is a very outspoken member of the community. One time I witnessed him take charge of a car accident that occurred right next to our street. He was able to mediate the situation with ease and everything went smoothly. Despite this being a hectic and out of control situation, he demonstrated a high level of leadership which successfully deescalated the situation. Jaime Guaman - Bakerman FamilyNeighbor — Jaime Guaman
Our Family Supports Marc Bakerman for City Council

I have known Marc for the last 17 yrs, he is a dedicated businessman and family focused man. Marc’s honest and practical approach sets  him apart. Marc has always shown great concern for the residents of the community, and his willingness to listen to people's problems is commendable. Marc holds strong family values and a commonsense world view in line  with that of most of the constituents in our district. - Rich Gupta - CEO TitanDX, Inc.

— Rich Gupta
Go Marc Bakerman for City Council!

I am delighted to pen this letter in support of Mr. Marc Bakerman’s pursuit to be elected as a City Counsel member in Westlake Village. I first met Marc Bakerman through field hockey in the Winter of 2011 at Moorpark College.  Marc was introduced to field hockey through his children’s school activities early in 2007 and I had been playing field hockey since 1990.  Each time I interacted with Marc, his knowledge of field hockey and its culture grew tremendously. I was amazed by Marc’s ability to gather so much information so quickly.  Marc had engrossed himself in everything field hockey as he seemed to obsess over being informed and how he could make it better.  His tenacity and gall will prove beneficial with his position as City Council as he has greatly improved our league during his involvement and eventually moved to a position on the National governing body of Team USA.  Marc is a great friend. He’s upfront and good natured.  He takes care of himself and his family and the two go hand in hand.  If a person cannot take care of themselves then how could they possibly take care of another person or a city.  For all the above mentioned reasons, I support Marc Bakerman for City Council. Sean Harris - Father, Coach, Team USA  Player

— Sean Harris
Father - Coach - Team USA Player

Marc Bakerman and I have work together on the California Cup for several years. It is a field hockey tournament that attracts more than 150 teams from all over the world. It began in 1972 with six men’s teams. Now there are divisions for men and women, boys and girls of all ages. It is centered at all the athletic fields at Moorpark College and other fields throughout the Conejo Valley over the Memorial Day weekend. Visiting teams fill hundreds of hotel rooms in the Conejo Valley. As Director of the California Cup, Marc leads the team of local volunteers who work to make the event run smoothly. He has demonstrated his ability to lead and perform. Marc will be a positive addition to the Westlake Village City Council. — Tom Harris
Founder California Cup Field Hockey International Tournament

I would like to share my endorsement for Marc Bakerman for City Council.  I have known Marc for over 30 years, as both a friend and a business associate.   Marc is a natural leader -- known for his charisma, enthusiasm and generosity.   Among his friends, as well as in business, he commands the attention and respect of others.  In conversation and in negotiations, he is tactful, respectful, fair and trustworthy.  I know Marc is a proud Father, Husband and American and he loves the people of Westlake Village and this beautiful area.  Marc would make a great city council member!  He would look out for the best interests of Westlake Village and the people who live, work and thrive here.-Daniel Hawkins -President, Genasyn, Inc.
— Daniel Hawkins
Support Marc Bakerman for City Council

I have known Marc Bakerman since 1987 when we were introduced by mutual friends.  I have had the pleasure of watching Marc and his lovely wife, Karen, raise their three boys into outstanding young men.  Marc has been involved in many worthwhile pursuits such as pioneering the national Child I.D. Program, years of volunteer coaching for various kids' sports, organizing large scale fundraising cycling events, and he is the Boys Development Manager for Team USA Men's Field Hockey Sports Development. On a personal level, Marc's friendship has never wavered. Marc is one of those friends who would give you the shirt off his back, even if it was his last shirt.  He is a go-getter, hard worker, and keeps himself informed on issues at both a local and global level. His circle of friends is widespread. A true Southern California man, Marc's heart is in his community.  The City of Westlake Village would greatly benefit from Marc's nomination to City Council.Please accept this as my whole-hearted endorsement. Karen Hawkins Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Realty — Karen Hawkins
Marc Bakerman 4 WLV City Council!

I’ve had the honor of knowing Marc for over 50 years. We attended the same grade school, middle school, high school, and college. As well as competing together on the playing field and collaborative coaching pursuits. He has been an inspiration as a father, husband, and businessman. What makes Marc unique besides for unwavering loyalty and work ethic, is his open mindedness and willingness to listen to others.  His pragmatism is profound. He has a genuine sense of community.  With great pride I endorse Marc Bakerman for Westlake City Council - Greg Karathanas O’Gara Coach — Greg Karathanas
Marc Bakerman Pragnatism is Profound!

In our Southern California organization, I have been privileged to work alongside Marc for the past 10 years. Very rarely have I met anyone so passionate about what is good, right, and fair or who is as hardworking as Marc. His strategic insights into the development and growth of the organization have been and continue to be instrumental. He is an example to us all. His straightforward and honest way of communicating is both refreshing, to the point, and efficient. His passion is contagious. Whenever the organization is looking for volunteers, we know that we can always count on Marc to show up and carry the organization forward. Marc will be a hugely positive contributor in any organization and a driver for change. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past 10 years. Marc Pouw Vice-President FHF — Marc Pouw
Vice President FHF

Marc is a long time friend, 35+ years.  He is very smart and has a deep genuine love of family, American values, and the unique lifestyle of the Westlake Village community.  I trust him to provide sound counsel and guidance to the City of Westlake Village - Richard A Rodgers, Attorney at Law — Richard A. Rodgers
Marc Bakerman - Proven Leader For WLV

I Have known Marc for years now since moving myself and our business here, to Westlake Village. He has my undoubtedly support for his pursuit of City Council. Marc has been a business associate of mine and a supportive friend that I can warmly say is a great person to have around. The connections that Marc has with this city are beneficial and he strives for what needs to be done to make it safe for everyone. I met Marc and offered to assist his Team USA Men's Field Hockey Sport Development with transportation because it's easy to see the impact of community that resides in Marc. I know he would be great to serve this community and would work diligently to achieve goals that feel is the right choice for us. The one trait that Marc carries that I've witnessed, is his ability to listen to someone or the community and guide us with solutions. Once Again, I truly endorse Marc Bakerman for Westlake City Council. Mario Rodriguez, Mars Valet & Shuttle — Mario Rodriguez

Today I have chosen to write in support of Marc Bakerman for seat on the city council of Westlake Village. Our city has been blessed for many years with wonderful volunteer leaders on our City Council. Marc is in the mold of leaders in the past who have unselfishly, and with vision, made important decisions to improve our community. Marc has spent years at the forefront of local youth field hockey league and national organization . Also, he notably has been active with St. Jude's Children's Hospital Foundation. Marc is a businessman and cares about our city and its citizens. I appreciate his willingness to serve. My hope is that Marc’s election will set us on a path of optimism and progress. We have a wonderful community but, like most, we have issues that need the best efforts of all our citizens to solve, including the City Council. Thank you, Guy Sanani,MD — Guy Sananni

Now more than ever, our community needs strong leadership that puts people first not politically driven programs originating from Sacramento. Marc Bakerman is this kind of leader. For three decades he has run businesses, developed sports programs, volunteered countless hours and raised his family here in Westlake. He knows how to find solutions to difficult challenges and inspires those around him to strive for something beyond that which is mediocre. Marc would never claim to be a politician. He brings real time experience and an undeniable work ethic to everything he pursues. He embodies the definition of a true civil servant, and his strength is that he KNOWS the beautiful community of Westlake and wants to see it grow and thrive like never before. I am honored to call him friend and know that he will faithfully serve as a trusted member of the Westlake City Council. Laura Spach - Business Owner, Wife, Mom & "Mothers for Marc Bakerman"

— Laura Spach
Business Owner - Mother

"I have volunteered alongside Marc at Cal Cup for the past 8 years.  For many of those years, he was the tournament director and was actively involved in every aspect of the tournament.  As others will attest, when Marc gets involved, it is always at 110%.  Each year, leading up to and during the tournament, he would easily spend 8+ hours a day texting or talking on the phone putting out fires, answering questions, addressing problems, or just making sure everything was ready for the tournament.  The rest of his time was spent doing the actual work.   Although Marc was very effective working the day-to-day issues, often under very stressful circumstances, he excelled addressing the big issues and thinking outside the box. How do we increase the number of participants?  How do we expand the overall visibility of the tournament?  How do we improve the product? How do we make the experience better for everybody?  All of which are traits that will translate into making him a good and effective city councilman.   I can think of nobody else better suited for the city council and wholeheartedly endorse Marc."  Robert Stephens

— Robert Stephens
Systems Manager

I met Marc Bakerman in 1968 when we were in 1st grade at Capistrano Ave. Elementary School in Canoga Park, more than 50 years ago!  Marc has been a great friend.  Marc is hard working, compassionate, dedicated, loves to serve, will give you the shirt off his back!  Westlake Village needs Marc Bakerman as a City Council Member!  Vote for Marc. Greg & Ika Taft - Westlake Village Residents, Owners of More than Waffles Restaurant

— Greg & Ika Taft
More Than Waffles Endroses Marc Bakerman!

For the past nine years, I have had the pleasure to work alongside with Marc Bakerman.  Marc has worked in various roles on the Field Hockey Federation Board.  His professionalism and integrity brought rejuvenation to the Board.

Since Marc has taken the lead role in the yearly Cal Cup Int'l Field Hockey Tournament, our relationship with the community has come together more. I have worked very closely with Marc as he shares his insights for advancement with not only the local community but internationally.  He is such a strong, thoughtful individual who would be an asset to any organization - Kimberley A. Whitehead Field Hockey Federation, Inc. – Board of Directors

— Kimberly Whitehead
Marc for Westlake Village Council

As a working mother of 2 young kids it's important to focus on someone who cares.  Marc Bakerman is naturally a trustworthy leader who has my vote for city council. Go Marc! - Kendra Wilkinson - Kendra Sells Hollywood — Kendra Wilkinson
Working Mom Endorsement - Marc Bakerman for WLV

Friends of Marc Bakerman for WLV City Council 
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